Free Video - OK Go - This Too Shall Pass 

Sunday, March 28, 2010 12:00:06 PM
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Free Video - OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
Free Video - OK Go - This Too Shall Pass: "This Too Shall Pass" video features a four-minute, apparent one shot sequence of the song being played in time to the actions of a giant Rube Goldberg machine built in a two-story warehouse from over 700 household objects, traversing an estimated half-mile course. As the song and machine operate, the members of the band are seen singing alongside the machine, with the members being shot at by paint guns at the song's finale. About 55 to 60 people from Syyn Labs, the California Institute of Technology and MIT Media Lab helped to design and construct the machine. The team had to work on a limited budget, using recycled trash for many of the props in the device; after filming, the total estimated cost was approximately $90,000. The total time to create the video from conceptulization was about six months, with two months of planning and four months for design and filming.

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