Free Video - Bboy Junior Is Dancing 

Friday, March 5, 2010 4:35:22 PM
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Free Video - Bboy Junior Is Dancing
Free Video - Bboy Junior Is Dancing: Bboy Junior is a famous bboy who is known to use Deadman floats in his sets. The float is a breakdance move in which the body is held parallel to the floor while balancing on one or both hands. Though it appears to demand great strength, the float actually requires balance above all because the breaker's weight is supported on the elbows which are firmly planted ("stabbed") into the lower abdomen near the ASIS. Stationary floats are often employed as freeze poses. On the other hand, breakers can "walk" with floats by shifting weight from one hand to the other and thus moving in a straight line or circle. These moving floats can be made to spin very fast and become nearly as impressive as power moves. More Free Bboy Junior Videos

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