Free Music Video - The Black Eyedpeas I Gotta Feeling 

Saturday, January 2, 2010 12:40:12 PM
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Free Music Video The Black Eyedpeas I Gotta Feeling
Free Music Videos: The Black Eyed Peas and the song "I Gotta Feeling" is their second official single from their fifth studio album The E.N.D (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES). The song was first debuted in May 2009. The song was produced by acclaimed French house DJ David Guetta, who makes a cameo appearance in the music video. "I Gotta Feeling" debuted at number two behind the group's own "Boom Boom Pow" on the last week of June, 2009, on both the Canadian and Billboard Hot 100 charts, making the group one of only eleven artists who have occupied the top two positions at the same time on the Billboard Hot 100. The song went on to replace "Boom Boom Pow" at Number 1 on the US charts and eventually reach Number 1 on twenty charts worldwide. It is also the longest-running Number 1 single on the US Pop Charts, and the Canadian Hot 100. It was named 5th on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of the Decade. Free Music Video

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